Friday, November 25, 2005

About this blog

Most people would know me as the author of the blog "Sheena's Little Fragments of Time". At the same time, these people would also know me as a huge Manchester United fan.

And so, I decided to create this blog as a platform for Manchester United fans, where we can interact, discuss issues near and dear to our beloved club, and in general have lots of fun. Also, I intend to have match reports for Manchester United matches, and updates on players, the manager, transfers, and the club itself of course.

But wait! Lest you people start thinking that Manchester United fans are elitist, I state that I welcome fans from other clubs as well, to comment or tag on this blog. I ask only one thing from all of you (yes, even the Manchester United fans - just because we support the same club doesn't mean that I have to give you special consideration if you fuck up here) - that is, to conduct discussions in a civil manner.

That means no flaming, no insults, no personal attacks directed at each other, or at supporters of rival clubs. And supporters of rival clubs will have to adhere to this as well. Anything that I perceive to be out of line will be deleted without prior notice. You have been warned.

All right, now that the threats are out of the way, I hope you guys enjoy this blog. I welcome contributors for this site. Anyone interested in joining this blog as a team member can email me ( see my email address just below my profile picture). Unfortunately, since this is after all a Manchester United blog, contributors have to be Manchester United fans.

But if you are a supporter of a rival club who has suggestions and blog ideas, or a Manchester United supporter who doesn't want to be a team member of this blog but merely has some ideas to contribute, you can email me as well.

Just to give you a little idea of what kind of news this blog will include, up on the agenda is a short history of the club, a description of the legendary George Best who is not expected to live through today, Roy Keane's departure, and the match report after Sunday's clash with West Ham (if I have time I'll put a match preview up as well).

Enjoy my version of the beautiful game here.


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