Friday, January 20, 2006

Random Wayne Rooney Stuff

Some conversations I've had with a few football-loving buddies lately...

Friend 1: Hey you heard? Real Madrid got Antonio Cassano!
Me: Yeah. For a bargain price too.
Friend 1: He's damn good. If only Man U got him huh?
Me: Why would we need him? We've got Wayne Rooney.
Friend 1: Got point.

Me: Arsenal bid 12 million pounds for Theo Walcott [Southampton 16-year-old striker].
Friend 2: I'm not surprised. I heard he's damn good for his age. Chelsea were trying to get him also.
Me: But 12 million pounds for an unproven 16-year-old???
Friend 2: Er, Man U paid 30 million for a 19-year-old.
Me: Yeah... but that 19-year-old is Wayne Rooney leh.
Friend 2: Imagine if Man U got him. Walcott in partnership with Rossi!
Me: What for? We have Rooney. Imagine Rooney in partnership with Rossi!
Friend 2: ...

Friend 3: Oei, this weekend Liverpool - Man U leh! What you think?
Me: Ok loh. What can they do?
Friend 3: Liverpool are on a good run now leh. And they're very confident. Risse, Morientes and Henchoz have been putting Man U down in the news.
Me: So? Let them say whatever they want.
Friend 3: Wah. You're also very confident.
Me: Hello, we have Wayne Rooney.
Friend 3: ...

Friend 4: Petr Cech has been voted the best goalkeeper in the world.
Me: Oh yeah he's good. And young. Chelsea were smart to grab him.
Friend 4: Wah lau Chelsea got all the "world-bests". Lampard, Terry, Makalele, now Cech... Do you think anyone can actually put a ball past Petr Cech?
Me: Yeah, Darren Fletcher.
Friend 4: [laughs] Yeah, good one there.
Me: And Wayne Rooney.
Friend 4: Since when has he scored against Cech?
Me: Never. But he will.
Friend 4: I wouldn't be surprised.


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