Wednesday, June 07, 2006

SPUG World Cup Prediction League (SPUG WCPL)

We are just days away from World Cup 2006 and it is my pleasure to present to you the SPUG World Cup Prediction League.

This will be a OMO on my part and I hope I don't die of exhaustion halfway. This is open to one and all. Everybody support support ok!

Winner of the league get Bragging Rights. Paiseh. No big money prize. Poor people mah.

Basically no change from our earlier SPUG EPL Prediction League 2005/2006 but here it is again especially for those who are joining us for the first time.

Here's how we play. Each subsequent blog entry will contain matches of 2 consecutive match-days each and you will need to predict a score for each game by submitting your entries via the respective comments section.

Scoring System
3-Points for a correct outcome in regulation time of 90 minutes + injury time. (Win, Lose or Draw)
1-point each for correct score on each side.

No points for double-entry submission. (Disqualification) --> Irrelevant here as this was ported over from SPUG. Later entry shall override the earlier.
No points for submission after kick-off. Timing will be determind by time of post. (Disqualification)
No points if identity of the submitter cannot be established. Please remember to write your name clearly.

Black Outs
In the event that this site is down, you may submit your predictions to my email at voxeros[at]yahoo[dot]com. Time of the email shall determine if time of predictions made.

As usual:

1) If got mistake, please let me know where and what so that I can amend them accordingly.
2) Please check your scores for accuracy as soon as possible before I update the table during the next round of scores. Once the table has been updated, the old table may be overwritten.
3) In case you are still seeing the old table even if I have announced a new update, please refresh your browser to reload the table.


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