Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Midweek Outlook (20 Feb 2008)

Lyon vs Manchester United

"Man Utd will go into this match full of confidence as they are yet to be beaten in the group stages."
- Gary, 20 Feb 2008

I didnt watch the match from the start as i was playing games on my computer. I only tuned in to the match after 20 mins. And i got the shock of my life. Man Utd 2 goals up. Huh? Sure or not? The tie is practically over in just 15 mins because i just couldnt see Arsenal getting back in the game. They were sluggish, horrendous defending and Man Utd were attacking all the time. Edwin van der Sar is like a bystander on the pitch.

By the time Man Utd is 3 goals up and Arsenal 1 man down, Nani decides to disrespect Arsenal by showing off his skills. Not a very good way to do that. He could have done that during friendlies or exhibition match. But then it was a good entertainment there to show off one of our fiercest rivals.

Now we are back in the Champions League action and we are away to Lyon. Lyon had been in the champions league for 7 years and running. They have won their domestic title for 6 years in a row and i think this year title is also for their taking. They are the underdogs or dark horses for the Champions League title. But time and time again, they fail on the big stage where it matter most.

Man Utd will go into this match full of confidence as they are yet to be beaten in the group stages. And also due to the weekend result. Not only that, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ryan Giggs and Owen Hargreaves have return as they didnt play against Arsenal.

Lyon Team News: A fully fit squad to choose from. No injuries, no suspension.

Man Utd Team News: Other than Gary Neville and Mikael Silvestre, all are fit and no suspension.

Odds and analysis: With 0.25 handicap at 1.95, take Man Utd for the win.

Disclaimer: This review is entirely on my own views and opinion. I didn’t point a gun at you to ask you to follow. If you want to bet on this game, do so at your own risk. Pls bet within limits. Good luck.


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