Monday, December 18, 2006

SPUG EPL Prediction League - Match Weekend 16 - 17 Dec 2006

Despite the close scoreline in the Everton vs Chelsea match, the home side never stood a chance.

Pretty mundance affair this week and most of us scored 6 points except for 1 sentimental Everton (for obvious reasons) and limyengchuan gambling his luck to buck the trend but lost to conventional wisdom. Oh well, it was a good effort though. Better luck next time.

It was a good Saturday for me as well as Crash632, TheSaint888 where we all scored 5 points in the Liverpool game. While TheSaint888 as a result of his good Saturday showing clawed back to level with weimeng in 2nd place, I find myself pulling away to a 4-point gap at the top. Too bad, I could say the same for ManUtd.

Oh well, there will always be another week, another game.

Christmas & New Year fixtures are round the corner and again I shall leave it to ihawk98 or weimeng to decide how the picks should be.


SPUG EPL Prediction League "Perfect Score" Hall Of Fame
Perfect Score = 2 correct-score predictions in a single weekend and hence the award of the full 10 points.

1) Cha_Dum_Yen (24 Sep 2006), (25 Nov 2006)
2) Bedokian (24 Sep 2006)
3) TheSaint888 (24 Sep 2006)
4) Voxeros (24 Sep 2006)
5) David.hvp (25 Nov 2006)

Scoring System
3-Points for a correct outcome (Win, Lose or Draw)
1-point each for correct score on each side.

Double Entry
Later submission shall override earlier submission.

No points for submission after kick-off. (Disqualification)

SPUG Blackout
Also, this is a mirror for the SPUG Server where the actual prediction game is being carried out at In the event SPUG server goes down, we will automatically carry on the prediction game at this blog site.

As usual:

1) If you have spotted a mistake, please let me know where and what so that I can amend them accordingly.
2) Please check your scores for accuracy as soon as possible before I update the table during the next round of scores. Once the table has been updated, the old table will be overwritten.
3) In case you are still seeing the old table even if I have announced a new update, please refresh your browser to reload the table.


At 10:17 AM, December 19, 2006, Anonymous ihawk98 said...

Note: 2nd Game is on Boxing Day!

EPL33: SAT 23/12 Fulham vs West Ham on ESPN at 08:45pm SIN/HKT

EPL34: TUE 26/12 Chelsea vs Reading on ESPN at 09:00pm SIN/HKT

At 3:52 PM, December 19, 2006, Anonymous TheSaint888 said...

EPL33: SAT 23/12 Fulham vs West Ham on ESPN at 08:45pm SIN/HKT

1. TheSaint888 2-0

EPL34: TUE 26/12 Chelsea vs Reading on ESPN at 09:00pm SIN/HKT

1. TheSaint888 3-1


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