Tuesday, April 17, 2007

FA Youth Cup Final (1st Leg)

Good news at Old Trafford arrived a tad earlier than expected as our youth team has taken a 2-1 advantage over Liverpool at the FA Youth Cup final (first leg).

While our goals were courtesy of an own-goal followed by a penalty conversion, I have no doubt that we will clinch our first trophy of the season on Thursday night (Singapore time).

Team captain Craig Cathcart was missing from the game as Fergie has taken him out of the squad to hand him his Senior debut today against Sheffield United. Let's hope the yound lad has a good outing today!

Speaking of youth team, while we may be a step away from silverware, we are unfortunatley languishing in 4th place with a goal difference of -4.

The current league leader is a suprise ManCity outfit although it is a totally different story with their senior team. However, at this rate their youth development program is going, I am sure, we will start to see gems emerging from the Blue Half of Manchester in years to come. Hopefully, but the time these young lads are ready for the big time, ManCity are still in the Premier League. Good luck!


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