Monday, May 07, 2007

SPUG EPL Prediction League - Match Weekend 05 - 06 May 2007

A fantastic weekend for me as my 9-point haul pulls me from 1 point ahead to a massive 6 points. League title looks very much in the bag as we have only 1 weekend to go.

Perhaps we should see Cha Dum Yen and ianrush duking it out for the runner-up spot?

Ok ok.. better don't yaya papaya so early. Wait next week buang.

We shall see.

SPUG EPL Prediction League "Perfect Score" Hall Of Fame
Perfect Score = 2 correct-score predictions in a single weekend and hence the award of the full 10 points.

1) Cha_Dum_Yen (24 Sep 2006), (25 Nov 2006)
2) Bedokian (24 Sep 2006)
3) TheSaint888 (24 Sep 2006)
4) Voxeros (24 Sep 2006)
5) David.hvp (25 Nov 2006)

Scoring System
3-Points for a correct outcome (Win, Lose or Draw)
1-point each for correct score on each side.

Double Entry
Later submission shall override earlier submission.

No points for submission after kick-off. (Disqualification)

SPUG Blackout
Also, this is a mirror for the SPUG Server where the actual prediction game is being carried out at In the event SPUG server goes down, we will automatically carry on the prediction game at this blog site.

As usual:

1) If you have spotted a mistake, please let me know where and what so that I can amend them accordingly.
2) Please check your scores for accuracy as soon as possible before I update the table during the next round of scores. Once the table has been updated, the old table will be overwritten.
3) In case you are still seeing the old table even if I have announced a new update, please refresh your browser to reload the table.


At 1:33 AM, May 07, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

congras to all scums. new league champions. me? just like chelski. will pass my predict league crown to voxeros next week. :{

At 8:51 AM, May 07, 2007, Anonymous TheSaint888 said...

dammit... Jose.... dats 2 trophies in 2 weeks... sheesh!

At 9:02 AM, May 07, 2007, Blogger JayWalk said...

ianrush: Unlike ManUtd, there is still a mathematical chance of catching me.

Still, similar to Chelsea prior to stepping into the Emirates stadium, but Cha Dum Yen will not only need to get the next 2 outcomes correct, I also need to get both outcomes wrong i.e. I need to buang and you two cannot drop points.

TheSaint888: I hope to make that 3 for Mourihno.

At 4:00 PM, May 07, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Vox's crown is virtually sewn-up, and any chance that ianrush and I have is just a mathematical curiousity, hahaha...
Like Vox said, it may be more realistic to vie for the #2 spot.

Cheers and best of luck to all!


At 10:15 PM, May 07, 2007, Blogger JayWalk said...

Well, as long as there is a mathematical chance of blowing it, I am leaving the bubbly in the ice bucket for now.

Better wait for the final whistle to blow before starting the celebrations.

For the next match, I will be introducing a tie-breaker, just in case there is a tie for first place after next weekend.

At 5:07 PM, May 08, 2007, Blogger ihawk Nick said...

As you suggested, relegation battles for this coming weekend. By the way, these are the only 2 games listed on ESPN Star schedule for the weekend.

EPL61: SUN 13/05 Man Utd vs West Ham on ESPN at 9.55pm SIN/HKT

EPL62: SUN 13/05 Sheffield Utd vs Wigan on STAR at 9.55pm SIN/HKT

At 10:09 AM, May 09, 2007, Anonymous TheSaint888 said...

Garh!.... those weekends I forgot to predict really coming to bite my ass here... or else, I could have been a contender... sob!

At 12:54 AM, May 10, 2007, Blogger C.O.O.L said...

maybe we can alert those people who are participating through email..

At 8:52 AM, May 10, 2007, Blogger JayWalk said...

TheSaint888: Well, there is always next season... Good luck with that!

c.o.o.l Read my housekeeping notes in the later entry. That's why I said and hence my email address over there.


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