Saturday, August 18, 2007

Beer Fund Raising : 18 - 19 Aug 2007

Ok, so it was a disastrous start to the season but it's not like I haven't been there , done that before. With 38 games in a season and multiply it by 30 matches each week for EPL, Serie A and La Liga, this is merely the start of a long marathon.

While I was able to escape All-Square in terms of wagering, it still suck to only get 2 rights and 3 wrongs. Would have felt better had it been the other way round.

Red flags were all around mid-week and I was right on the money (or in this case no-money) to avoid the minefield. Looks like the bookies are out to take our money as much and as early as possible. Non-refundable bookie deposit? Sheesh!

Saturday's Picks:
  • Portsmouth - Give 0.5 ball (Win)
  • Everton - Even ball (Lose)
  • Tottenham Hotspur - Give 1.0 ball (Win)
Sunday's Picks
  • Chelsea - Even ball (Draw)
No claypot, please!

Result This Week : 2-1-1

Result This Season: 4-1-3 = 1-UP as at 19 Aug 2007

Disclaimer: This is merely to log my own results. You are welcome to follow if you like but I must warn you that you bear your own winnings or losses, whatever the outcome. I have nothing to do with your bets. Please bet responsibly and within your means. There is no absolute sure thing in football betting. If you can't afford to lose, then don't bet.


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