Saturday, November 10, 2007

Beer Fund Raising : 10 - 12 Nov 2007

Looks like all the English clubs got out of their respective European campaign relatively unscathed with Arsenal, Chelsea and Bolton all escaping with an away draw, while ManUtd, Liverpool, Everton and Tottenham Hotspur all notched important wins.

Kudos to Liverpool for their record 8-0 thumping but would it be too little too late? Club rivalries aside, I always root for English clubs on the European front and so I do hope for Liverpool to be able to win their remaining 2 ECL games and join us in the second round.

I wonder if it is possible to have an All England semi-final in the ECL? We almost had it with 3 out of 4 teams in the last season's semi-finals only to have the odd man win it. Damn you AC Milan! Damn you!

Now moving on to the WPIndex, where we find Roy Keane stuck at 9 points. I wonder how long before we get to see him break the two-digit barrier?

Today is an important day for Keane as he host his first Tyne-Wear (NorthEast of England) derby. It is a game of a stuttering home side against a jinxed away side.

Who is going to win?

On the bigger picture front, experience tells us that you need about 40 points for the season in order to avoid the drop. At the rate Sunderland is picking up the points, I wonder if there would be enough league games for them?

Standing at 9 points and looking up at 40 seems as if you are standing at the front porch of the 78-storey Swissotel and looking up at the roof with the beautiful clouds in the background.

Still, the immediate target for Keane is to break the record of 15 miserable points set by Mick McCarthy. 40 can wait. Let's try to get to 16 first.

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Saturday's Picks:
  • Derby County - Eat 0.25 ball (Lose)

  • Empoli - Eat 0.50 ball (Testing theory only)

  • Valencia - Give 1.00 ball (Win)
Sunday's Picks:
  • Aston Villa - Even ball (Win)
  • Tottenham Hotspur - Give 1.25 ball (Win)
  • Portsmouth - Give 0.50 ball (Lose)

  • Fiorentina - Give 0.75 ball (Testing theory only)
  • Juventus - Give 0.75 ball (Testing theory only)
  • AS Roma - Give 1.50 ball (Testing theory only)

  • Zaragoza - Even ball (Lose)
  • Real Madrid - Give 1.25 ball (Lose 1/2)
Monday's Picks:
  • Arsenal - Give 1.25 ball (Win)

Result This Week : 4 - 0 - 3.5

Result This Season: 31 - 5 - 23 = 8-UP as at 12 Nov 2007

Disclaimer: This is merely to log my own results. You are welcome to follow if you like but I must warn you that you bear your own winnings or losses, whatever the outcome. I have nothing to do with your bets. Please bet responsibly and within your means. There is no absolute sure thing in football betting. If you can't afford to lose, then don't bet.


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