Saturday, January 12, 2008

Beer Fund Raising : 12 - 13 Jan 2008

We welcome back the Italians from their winter break but not much of a difference to me considering the fact that I am not touching the Serie A for now until they become more predictable.

Still it is good to have all the leagues back to their regular schedule. A vast contrast to last week where I only have the Primera Liga to punt as FA Cup is out of my radar scope.

With 21 games played already, Sunderland is about 6 points off their schedule if they wish to reach the magic 40 points of Premier League survival. At 21 games, they should be at least at 23 points.

Still, a hearty congratulations to Roy Keane for beating Mick McCarthy dubious honour for the lowest points in a EPL season of all time (15 points).

So with McCarthy done and dusted, it's onwards to Premiership Survival.

Good luck.

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Saturday's Picks:
  • Arsenal - Give 1.75 ball (Lose)
  • Everton - Give 0.25 ball (Win)
  • ManUtd - Give 1.75 ball (Win)

  • Barcelona - Give 1.75 ball (Win)
Sunday's Picks:
  • Inter Milan - Give 1.00 ball (Testing Theory)
  • Lazio - Give 0.50 ball (Testing Theory)

  • Getafe - Eat 0.25 ball (Lose)
  • Villarreal - Give 0.75 ball (Win 1/2)
  • Real Madrid - Give 1.25 ball (Win)

  • Blackburn Rovers - Eat 0.25 ball (Win)

Result This Week : 5.5 - 0 - 2

Result This Season: 53.5 - 7 - 36 = 17.5-UP as at 13 Jan 2008

Disclaimer: This is merely to log my own results. You are welcome to follow if you like but I must warn you that you bear your own winnings or losses, whatever the outcome. I have nothing to do with your bets. Please bet responsibly and within your means. There is no absolute sure thing in football betting. If you can't afford to lose, then don't bet.


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