Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Midweek Outlook (9th April 2008)

Manchester United vs Roma

"Without Vidic, Man Utd defence looks suspecting!!"
- Gary, 9th April 2008

Without Vidic, Man Utd defence looks suspecting!! Even Rio Ferdinand also went out injured during the match. Not a good omen to me in the Premier League and Champions League.

We are now in the final push for both titles where key matches against Arsenal and Chelsea will determine where the Premier League title will be heading to.

With Champions League semi final beckons, every match to us right now is a nail-biting one. If both central defenders are fit, i believe half of the battle have won in the run in towards the Premier League and Champions League title. I think now every team will like to take advantage of the make shift defence to deny Man Utd the title. I think by the end of the season, i dont have nails to bite on!! >.<

Some facts:
  • Man Utd home form in Champions League stretch back 3 seasons ago.
  • Roma have only won once against English opposition.
  • Man Utd have not lose since winning away in the first leg.

Somehow, historical stats and past matches will have an indication to show who is the favourite to win. But after last season 7-1 drubbing at Old Trafford, i think this match have to really depends on your luck and calculation of odds. Man Utd key defenders out, Roma determined to lay the ghosts to rest. Hard to choose? Then dont punt.

Man Utd Team News: Rio Ferdinand and Vidic are out. Gary Neville is standing by to make his first match in this season. Mikael Silvestre is still in the Reserves.

Roma Team News: Totti and Matteo Ferrari are out. Simone Perrotta and Juan are expected to start.

Odds and Analysis: With 0.75 ball handicap, take Man Utd for the win. Just a little punt for me.

Disclaimer: This review is entirely on my own views and opinion. I didn’t point a gun at you to ask you to follow. If you want to bet on this game, do so at your own risk. Pls bet within limits. Good luck.


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