Saturday, May 10, 2008

Weekend Outlook (11 May 2008)

Wigan Athletic vs Manchester United

"...Well, Brucie fucked it up for us in 1995 and we sure ain't going to let Brucies fucked it up again twice...."

- JayWalk, 10 May 2008

26 minutes into the game and we were 3-0 up.

Can you say kelong?

I won't be surprised to see fantastic deals between the two clubs in the summer. Perhaps ManUtd to transfer one of its young prodigies from the academy or West Ham selling one of their prized possessions for an obscene profit?

Will touch more on this later.

Usually with a result like 4-1, we would expected to see ManUtd, who incidentally was also the home side, have stats that resembled a bulldozer running over a little chihuahua. But no. Our 8 shots attempted (4 on goal) versus a slightly better 9 shots (5 on goal) is just weird. Mind you, this wasn't a tight match like ManUtd vs Barcelona. This is just your regular slaughter match against lowly West Ham. Either that or the stats suggested that it may have been a typical game at Middlesbrough where if you see a man down flat on the pitch unconscious, not because he passed out as a result of an earlier nasty concussion but that he was asleep as a result of boredom.

So how despite very subdued stats, we can still manage such a high scoring result with only 10 men?

Can you say kelong?

JayWalk The Talk: Melchiot is the only casualty on the Wigan side but even with a full squad to choose from, I don't see them any more capable of getting past even our B-team.

As for ManUtd, Saha is still out while Nani earned himself a stupid suspension as a result of the red card at the West Ham game. Rooney injured his hip and while he is still good enough to start today, I think Fergie won't be risking him today in order to start him at the ECL final. The opposite is to be said of Vidic who is finally declared fit and must get in at least (only) one senior match to tune up his match fitness in time for the ECL final in Moscow.

JayWalk The Walk:
I have always talked about "The Curse of The Final Four" every year around this time of the season where ManUtd have this jinx to screw up at least once in the final four games. This time, the curse has come true again when we dropped 5 points in the last 3 games with a draw with Blackburn and a lost to Chelsea.

So the good news is that now that we have fulfilled our "bungle quota", the next game has got to be a win.

The bookies agree with me on this as ManUtd is made to give a 1.75-ball handicap despite being the away team and a decimal odds of 1.80 to beat it! How to lose like that??! I think we can safely tie the red, white and black ribbons on the league trophy now and presented it at the JJB Stadium at the end of 90 minutes. Regardless of result from the Chelsea camp, the trophy is going home to Old Trafford.

Back in 1995, we fucked it up when Steve Bruce's last minute mistake costs us the league title to allow Blackburn to nicked it from us, even when they lost their last match at Anfield. Guess what? It's Steve Bruce again this time as he is the manager of the Lactics.

Well, Brucie fucked it up for us in 1995 and we sure ain't going to let Brucies fucked it up again twice.

Brucie has been a loyal servant to Fergie during his time at ManUtd and I'd bet it would extend beyond his football playing days. Perhaps a couple of bargains to throw in when the transfer window opens in the summer, like Curbishley?

Historical stats indicates that Wigan has never beaten any of the top 4 teams and we have a great record of 6-0-0 against Wigan, with an average goal-margin of more than 2. People did caution against the lousy playing surface of the JJB Stadium where our "RollsRoyceBoys" may not be accustomed to but when the stake are this high, the ManUtd boys will find a way to overcome it, even if it means everybody pitching in to hire a steamroller to level the pitch the day before.

I think Giggs will feature today as it would let him tie Bobby Robson's record of 758 appearances and thus breaking that record when he starts the kick off in Moscow on 21 May 2008.

I also think Ronaldo will wrap up his Golden Boot win this season with yet another goal or two or three on Sunday.

The only time ManUtd loses is when they are not driven enough as Keane has complained so many times during his days as Captain. So, with the title within reach, I do not see how ManUtd is going to lose this match. I don't even care if we are making the careless assumption that Chelsea is sure to beat Bolton.

Technically, we only need to match Chelsea's result to win the league but I say screw that. Let's just win it and take the title on our terms.

Go for ManUtd and give the 1.75-ball handicap coz we are going to win the title and win it in style!

Disclaimer: The above views are purely my own two-cents' worth. In other words, I cannot and will not guarantee that my predictions are accurate. If you want to bet on the game, do so at your own risk. Also, please bet responsibly and within your means regardless of how "sure thing" that game may appear to be. As the old saying goes, "The Ball Is Round". Good luck.


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