Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Midweek Outlook (23 April 2008)

Barcelona vs Manchester United

"...Historical stats have shown that Man Utd is poor against Spanish teams."
-Gary, 23 Apr 2008

Look like now is my turn to get the predictions wrong at the most critical time. Boohoo.

Anyway, last weekend match have to thank Carlo Tevez for saving us again and again. Been at the right place at the right time to equalise the match. He is not called "The Scarred Face Assassin" for no reason. To me, it was a one point gain than two points lose. Ewood Park was not a good place to get 3 points as past matches have shown. But i was hoping that Mark Hughes will help Fergie. Yet, i was wrong again. Grr.

Was it me or Barcelona is losing focus at the wrong time? Liverpool have their off-field problems but at least they are showing results on the field. But Barcelona is losing everything at the moment. Last 8 matches including Champions League against Schalke, they only win 3 matches. They just cant seem to get the results they wanted, or winning matches to boast players' confidence. Something just doesnt seem to go right with Barcelona at the moment. Is it Ronaldinho's fitness problem, Frank Rijkaard's tactics or Barcelona's top management? It could be either one of it, or worst, all of them. And it really affecting the performance of those domestic matches.

Before anyone place their bet on Man Utd just because of recent Barcelona form, hold your horse. Yes, Man Utd is currently unbeaten in the competition. Yes, Man Utd is determined to reach the Final to have an all-English Final at Moscow. But historical stats have shown that Man Utd is poor against Spanish teams. The last time Man Utd face Spanish opposition is Real Madrid and ended in a loss. The only solitary win against Spanish team is Deportivo in 2001/02 where the eccentric Fabien Barthez was still around. T_T

Barcelona Team News: Ronaldinho is the only player in the treatment room or what the papers mentioned.

Man Utd Team News: Surprisingly, everyone was given a clean bill of health and flew out of England.

Odds and analysis: Both teams have met during Man Utd's treble winning season in 98/99. Both times have ended in a stalemate. Eating a 0.25 ball handicap. Take Man Utd. I think it will end in a draw as both teams are still unbeaten and would want to hold the record for it. I believe the return leg will be decided by penalties.

Disclaimer: This review is entirely on my own views and opinion. I didn’t point a gun at you to ask you to follow. If you want to bet on this game, do so at your own risk. Pls bet within limits. Good luck.


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