Saturday, September 15, 2007

Beer Fund Raising : 15 - 16 Sep 2007

One thing I learned last week is not to be itchy fingers and still to your original game plan of focusing on EPL, Serie A and La Liga.

I tried my luck with the Euro 2008 games and got taken to the cleaners right away.


As I have mentioned in my earlier entry, I am staying away from EPL for this Saturday at the very least. This week's picks will be very conservative as there are too many unknown variables.

Anyway, I am hoping Keane to pick up 3 wanker points today.

Originally, I thought 15 wanker points... hmm.... how difficult can it be to beat?

Well, look at where Sunderland is now after 4 games.


Click here to find out how the Wanker Points Index came about.

Saturday's Picks:
  • EPL - No Pick.

  • AC Milan - Give 1.00 ball. (Lose)
  • Lazio - Give 0.75 ball. (Lose)

  • Real Madrid - Give 1.50 Ball (Just testing hunch only).
  • Valencia - Give 1.00 Ball (Just testing hunch only).
Sunday's Picks
  • Aston Villa Eat 0.25 ball (Lose)

  • Inter Milan Give 1.5 ball (Win)
  • Juventus Give 1.25 ball (Lose)
  • AS Roma Give 0.75 ball (Win)
Huat ah!

Result This Week : 2-0-4

Result This Season: 12.5-1-12.5 = EVEN as at 16 Sep 2007

Disclaimer: This is merely to log my own results. You are welcome to follow if you like but I must warn you that you bear your own winnings or losses, whatever the outcome. I have nothing to do with your bets. Please bet responsibly and within your means. There is no absolute sure thing in football betting. If you can't afford to lose, then don't bet.


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