Saturday, April 12, 2008

Beer Fund Raising : 12 - 13 Apr 2008

Come the European Champions League Semi-Finals everybody will be rooting for ManUtd to beat Barcelona. Even the Liverpool and Chelsea fans. Why? We are witnessing history in the making and should ManUtd reach the ECL Final, this would be an all England affair. A first!

Anyway, with only 5 games to go, ManUtd has Arsenal to play and Chelsea further down the road. It is no longer an easy cruise to the end of the season like we had last season. From a mathematical point of view, we need 12 points from the last 5 games (maximum 15 points) to win the title outright. In other words, we can afford to lose one of these two clashes and still win the title.

Ok, before I sound like a defeatist, I am just planning worst case scenario contingency lah.

ManUtd needs 12 points in the last 5 games to win the league. Sunderland needs 4 points in the last 5 games to survive the league.

Their opponent today is ManCity who has a terrible away record despite shit loads of money pour into the club, courtesy of ex-Thai PM Thaksin. I am starting to think that perhaps Thaksin didn't get a very good deal?

Anyway, punters are all pointing to a Sunderland win and if today's 3 points goes into the bag, Sunderland is virtually assured of a place in next season's Premier League.

If I were Keane, I wrap this up right now and focus next on climbing the ladder as far up as possible to maximise the EPL prize money which is dependent on final league position. I believe the different is 500,000 Pounds Sterling for every step up.

Click here to find out how the Wanker Points Index came about.

Saturday's Picks:
  • AC Milan - Eat 0.25 ball (Testing Theory)
Sunday's Picks:
  • Real Madrid - Give 1.75 ball (Lose)
  • Almeria - Eat 0.25 ball (Win)

  • Inter Milan - Give 0.75 ball (Testing Theory)

Result This Week : 1 - 0 - 1

Result This Season: 70 - 8 - 56 = 14-UP as at 13 Apr 2008

Disclaimer: This is merely to log my own results. You are welcome to follow if you like but I must warn you that you bear your own winnings or losses, whatever the outcome. I have nothing to do with your bets. Please bet responsibly and within your means. There is no absolute sure thing in football betting. If you can't afford to lose, then don't bet.


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