Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Midweek Outlook (20 Sep 2007)

Sporting Lisbon vs Manchester United

"Match official in charge of this game is the 12th player in Sporting Lisbon.."
- Gary, 19/9/2007

Anyone who saw Everton's game will be staring in disbelief that Man Utd had scored a goal. When Vidic scored the goal, no one in the stadium was celebrating. The goal seem to be out of the blue, yet no one was celebrating. Even the commentator was monotonous in the celebration.

The only incident that really caught my attention was Ronaldo's dive in the penalty box. And my verdict, i think Ronaldo is kana targeted by the referees liao. And in a way, his bet with Fergie for scoring 20 goals is a sure-lose bet, hence next season, we might even see a new look Ronaldo, botak. Isnt Man Utd team famous for botak players?

Now news have been reported that Rooney demanded to play in the Everton's game. And got a backlash from Fergie. However he was in the travelling party to Portugal. Fergie knows that Rooney's injuries cannot be rushed back as it might have a long term problem in the future. But the young kid must have too much blood gushing to his brain that he cant think properly.

So now we heading to the Champions League proper where Fergie target 10 points to qualify for the next round irregardless of the standings. I think history will be repeated like last season where Man Utd won the first 2 games, drawing the 3rd game before losing 2 games and qualifying the next round with a 3-1 win at Benfica. Can Man Utd qualify with 2 games to spare, so that other fringe players can have match fitness in order to prepare for the hectic schedules in the Christmas and New Year period? I doubt so.

Sporting's Team News: Pedro Silva and Derlei are out with long term knee injuries.

Man Utd's Team News: It's a big blow for Mikael Silvestre as he is out of the season. Gary Neville and Owen Hargreaves are also doubtful. Rooney is determined to play in this match. But i foresee he will come on as a sub rather than in starting 11.

Odds and Analysis: Match official in charge of this game is the 12th player in Sporting Lisbon. He is none other than Herbert Fandel. Whenever he officiates any Man Utd games in Champions League, Man Utd didnt win any game. With handicap of 0.5 at 2.075, i would advise to avoid this match.

Disclaimer: This review is entirely on my own views and opinion. I didn’t point a gun at you to ask you to follow. If you want to bet on this game, do so at your own risk. Pls bet within limits. Good luck.


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