Saturday, July 08, 2006

Match-Day 24 & 25

3rd & 4th Placing
Match 63: Sun 09/07 Germany vs Portugal at 0300 hrs
Final Score: Germany 3 - 1 Portugal

Match 64: Mon 10/07 Italy vs France at 0200 hrs
Final Score Italy 1* - 1 France (After Extra Time)
Score At 90 Minutes = Italy 1 - 1 France
Italy wins on Penalty Shoot-out 5 - 3.

The World Cup is finally over and we can all go back to sleep. *yawn*

Anyway, congratulations to Italy and edwinsng for their respective wins. Despite my late surge, I could only climb up to second spot. Lost too many points in the opening stages.

Sorry Jim O, no points for you but I hope that hasn't disheartened you in anyway. We look forward to seeing you in the coming English Premier League Prediction League at SPUG's Off Topic Chat Forum Watch that space, it should be up about a week before the season starts.

That's it for this World Cup Prediction League 2006. Thanks for playing!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Match-Days 22 & 23

Match 61: Wed 05/07 Germany vs Italy at 0300 hrs
Final Score: Germany 0 - 2 Italy (After Extra Time)
Score At 90 Minutes = Germany 0 - 0 Italy

Match 62: Thu 06/07 Portugal vs France at 0300 hrs
Final Score: Portugal 0 - 1 France

With just 10 points to go and edwinsng on top with a 7-point lead, overhauling him looked increasingly difficult. Looks like it's just crash632 and myself with a credible chance against him.

necroastr is losing steam somewhat on the final stretch as both crash632 and I managed to overtake him to occupy 3rd and 2nd spot respectively.